Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunny days are here again!

 My baseball kid. He is so talented for his age.
The photo of me above was taken by Leo.
Me and my girl. I have new hair. Lighter and shorter!
 Neighborhood flowers
Our neighbor's house. So pretty!
 Handmade soap using cucumber puree...still learning!
 Another Leo photo. Beautiful job son!

Spring is here! Glorious sunshine, finally you are visiting us! That means the the Morris family is spending lots of time outdoors. We have been grilling, brewing, soaping, growing carrots, taking walks, playing sports etc. It is great!

I have started reading Leo Harry Potter at bedtime. Joe has always put Leo to bed, but we are trying to ween Somerset, which means that Joe is handling Somerset's night time feedings. This is not going great. However, I love reading to Leo at night. He says that I am the best mommy ever and that he loves when I read to him. I am so lucky!

Leo has completed his first year of preschool. This is how Mrs. Kepner described her experience with Leo.

"Leo- I've enjoyed getting to know him. His intelligence and curiosity about the world makes him a great scientist. He loves to build with blocks and other materials. He often sets the tone for play with others in the group. They get some pretty involved scenarios going! He is a very popular playmate. See you next year!"

I feel this is pretty accurate, but she forgot the part about how sweet and loving he is. Maybe he saves all that for us!

Joe and I have noticed how clearly Somerset is starting to enunciate. She is much easier to understand, which makes communication easier. She is at an age though, where she knows what she wants (unhealthy food is a good example), but she doesn't have the reasoning skills to understand that she can't do certain things. There can be days with quite a bit of fussing, but I know this time will pass.

Somerset is so very sweet. She usually says please and thank you without being prompted and I love how she says "I love you!" She adores a certain baby doll and insists on sleeping with her at night. Her favorite question to ask is "Where's Leo/Daddy/Mommy?" She always needs to know where we are. 

She also continues to potty train. If I was more persistent, I could get her to go on her potty several times a day, but let's face it, it's hard work! This summer, I will really try to get her trained, plus, she is still so young.

I have really taken to soap making. I am borderline obsessed, but it's a good hobby and I have learned so much! Every soap making process is a learning experience. I find the process so satisfying because I can be as creative as I want, all while creating a product that is good for my skin and smells fantastic. Also, the handmade soap makes a terrific gift. Hopefully I can sell soon to put more money back into the hobby.

Joe is still as crazy as ever about brewing! He is getting very good results. I love his beer. He is also growing hops. They are go crazy! Oh no, we both have full blown hobbies now! I just wish we had unlimited funds! We are really enjoying this time in our lives, even though it is exhausting.


Carrie said...

Love it all! You look great, too!, :-)

Somerset said...

Love your hair! So summery and fun! I also love Somerset's cute little piggy tails!