Thursday, October 27, 2011

My teenage son Leo

Joe's Angry Bird creation.
We all had a good laugh!
Yep, it's happened!
Gaining confidence and showing off her new Naartjie outfit.

I'll start by saying that the day I have dreaded has come: Leo has discovered video games. I knew this would happen someday, but not this early. He first discovered Angry Birds, a game he plays on Joe's i-Phone. Harmless enough. However, I thought that if he is so engaged, we should buy him his own educational gaming unit. Thus, the Leapster was purchased.

Leo loves his Leapster, although both the i-Phone and Leapster can be a source of frustration and annoyance (Leo gets frustrated if he can't reach a certain level and we get annoyed with his subsequent whining) . It is a great tool for keeping him occupied in boring situations such as long car rides, appointments etc. Leo is exceptionally good at these games and as far as I see it, this is the way kids will learn in the future. The kids will probably learn far more from computers than books and it's good for him to be technologically proficient. I just want him to get too lost in his own gaming world.

Somerset is close to walking. She cruises with ease, so I predict that she will walk in about a month. I am a bit tired of people asking if she is walking yet. I know they mean well, but it is just a constant reminder that she's not.

Her fine motor skills are exceptional. She can feed herself, she claps, drums, draws and points all the time. She is much more precise with movement that Leo was at this age. She also loves music and sings when her favorite songs are playing. Her favorite song is LMFAO's Party Anthem:

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