Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beach fun and a whole lot more!

Happily standing!
This is a great way to see their height difference.
I LOVE these guys!
Grandma Paula and Leo
Uncle Aaron and Leo - Best bros
One of my favorite photos ever!
My happy beach boy!

Joe Sr. and Joe Jr. ...looking more and more alike!

Joe's parents came to town for Somerset's birthday and to help Aaron move into a new apartment for his second year at OSU. Luckily for us, they rented a great beach house in Lincoln City and invited us to join in on the fun. Leo and Somerset were in Heaven! Leo LOVES his family so much and can't get enough of them. Somerset really seemed at home at the beach and had a great time getting her body all sandy.

We had planned to stay 2 nights, but the kiddos wouldn't sleep, so one night suited us just fine. We all had a blast and it was so good to see our family.

Leo continues to thrive in preschool. It was Leo's turn to bring a snack for the kids in his class yesterday and with this responsibility comes special priveledges. He was so excited to pass out water to the snackers and he led the line of his classmates for the day. It is so sweet to watch him become such a responsible and capable young man.

Leo has been making up many stories recently. He often starts stories with, "when I was sixteen," or "once when I was ten." He has quite the imagination. When I try to tell him that he has never been six or ten or whatever advanced age he conjures up, he corrects me by explaining it is just a story.

Somerset continues to scoot, but she can crawl (but chooses not to) and she also pulls herself up to a standing position. Over the past week, she has taken great strides in her mobility (no pun intended). Language seems to be taking a backseat as her mobility increases. She refers to almost everything as "ba-ba" as she points to whatever is of interest to her. This can be frustrating for both of us. She now knows what she wants and expresses her needs in an emotional way. She sometimes throws mini-tantrums if you take something away from her.

She is starting to look more and more like a little girl. Her hair is thickening up and getting longer and her toothy grin is changing the look for her face. I didn't think it was possible, but she is getting even cuter. I know I am her mom, but she really is the cutest!

She is the sweetest little girl. She will take time out of her day to give me or Joe a hug when we request it. She also loves to be held almost all the time. She is definitely a mommy's girl right now. I am just trying to enjoy the last bit of her babyhood, but she'll always be my baby, regardless of age.

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