Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Morris Family Scores!

I don't have too much to report. I just had a few cute photos, so I thought I'd post. Leo got the most awesome pajamas in the world and for the best price ever. Joe and I have had our eye on these snazzy pjs since before Christmas. They are from PB Kids and even though I get a nice discount, they were still very overpriced. When we spotted them on sale for $14.99 plus my discount, we had to get them. Leo has worn them every night since he got them and yes, they have been washed multiple times already.

Leo is also very close to being fully potty trained. He went an entire day in underwear with no accidents, so we know he can do it, it's just a matter of motivation. None the less, we are very proud of him.

Somerset continues to be the sweetest baby ever. She is quite content being alone, except when it comes to sleeping. I spend about an hour every night rocking her in her room and getting her to sleep and as soon as I set her in her crib, her big eyes pop open and she starts crying. I have repeated these efforts up to 4 times and she is only content when I finally hold her. I LOVE holding my baby, but this has to end. Luckily,we have her 4-month visit tomorrow, so I can ask Dr. Crowley what the heck to do.

Joe tasted his first batch of home brew and wasn't very happy with the results. Hey, you gotta start somewhere. He brewed up a new batch yesterday, so in about 1 months time, we can see if he improved.

Joe also got a new pair of shoes, but not just any shoes. They are retro Nike Air Jordan 6s. Apparently, he has wanted these shoes since he was in the 10th grade. He traded an old I-Pod to get them and is thrilled with his new kicks. He is also growing a beard, so I feel like I'm with a new man!

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