Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Potty training means not always wearing your pants
My sweet, beautiful Somerset Rose
Happy 2011! There is no way this year can be nearly as exciting as 2010 was for us: a new home and new baby girl and a toddler who turned into a little boy. What an amazing year we had.

I feel I need to explain why I don't post many photos of Leo anymore. It certainly is not because his sister has taken his place, but rather because he has become super uncooperative with posing for photos. He refuses to look at the camera, let alone smile, so I rarely get an image of him. It's too bad too, because he is so handsome.

Speaking of Leo, Joe and I recently reflected on how Leo turned into a full-fledged little boy this year. He speaks non-stop. He is still working on grammar, but he can express just about anything he wants through language. One example of a grammatical mistake he has been making is saying, "What he doos?" instead of "What does he do?" It's pretty darn cute though.

Leo is also well under way with potty training. He has had #2 down for a while now, but I have started having him wear underwear sometimes when we are home. He has been doing pretty well with it, but we still have a long way to go.

Somerset is still as adorable as ever. She wakes up super happy and stays that way until she gets tired. She really only fusses when she is hungry, tired or out of her element. She loves to stay home and just hang with the family. She is also much more sensitive than Leo ever was. She had a crying fit today when Joe made a silly face at her. She is also much less physically active than Leo was. She doesn't want to constantly stand and jump like he did. Perhaps that is why she is so much chubbier than he was. I love her pudgy little body!!!

Somerset's hair continues to grow longer and longer. Pretty soon, she'll have enough hair for pony tails (I am not joking)! It is still the characteristic that everyone points out.

As of yesterday, I am trying to get her to fall asleep in her crib. This is no easy feat, as she loves being held all the time. I will spend 30 minutes getting her to sleep and as soon as I set her down, she wakes up and starts fussing.

We had an excellent Christmas. Joe and I had exchanged major gifts before Christmas. I got a new digital camera because my old camera was on the brink and I didn't want to miss the chance to capture Summy's first months. Joe got an i-phone because he has wanted one forever. Leo was the king of the day. He got a ton of stuff including Legos, a Hot Wheels car track, an art easel, art supplies, clothes, cars...I could go on and on. We didn't do much for Summy, but she managed to get some super cute clothes, diapers and a Minnie Mouse stuffed doll from Leo. It was a great day.

For New Years, I didn't manage to stay up until midnight (will that ever happen again?). We did have a nice weekend and Joe painted the office a color I have seen described as duck egg blue. It looks great! Next we will tackle the laundry room (dark terra cotta).

I am so excited to see where this year takes us. I am sure it will be less eventful, but hopefully, it will be filled with much happiness.

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