Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun, Summy is almost a month too!

For the 3rd year in a row, we have gone to Plumper's Pumpkin Patch. Every year gets more and more fun and this year was no exception. Summy slept the whole time, which was a great relief. Leo loved examining the pumpkins and picked out three: a traditional orange one for himself, a white "ghost" pumpkin and a miniature pumpkin for his baby sister. Grandma Laurel is in town visiting, so joined in the festivities. Leo had a lot to say about the pumpkins: "that one is too big, that one is good for Halloween, that one is too dirty." I loved his enthusiasm and we could all tell how much fun he was having.

Somerset is almost a month old and continues to be extremely adorable, but a bit grouchie. Night time is the worst and she always wants to be held, which means that I have spent most nights sleeping on the couch holding her. It's not the best arrangement, but Joe wakes up so early from work and when she starts crying in our room, I usually take her out immediately.

Speaking of Summy, she also has a very funny mannerism...she grunts. She grunts a lot and it is quite funny. Joe thought his little girl might be a little "more demure." Demure, she is not.

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Carrie said...

Leo is getting so big! So is Summer! I love them!!!!