Monday, October 11, 2010

3 weeks old

Today Somerset is 3 weeks old and her hair is getting crazier with each passing day. The last few days have been a challenge. She has displayed some symptoms of acid reflux, so we are going to start having her take Axid, which helped Leo a ton. She has been more fussy and she has been arching her back after feedings, which are signs of the reflux, so we are hoping to nip this problem in the bud. In the meantime, Daddy, Mommy and Summer are not getting enough sleep.

She has giving us hints of a smile. I can tell that if she could, there are times when she would smile. Her eyes crinkle a tad and her mouth almost upturns. I just can't wait until the day we see her smile for the first time.

Leo has been so cute as well. he calls us "mommia," "daddia," and "Summery." Where does he come up with these names? So cute.

I have to admit that handling both kids can be soooo challenging, but luckily my parents have been able to take Leo on some much needed adventures.

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