Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Play time all the time

Leo dives for the magnolia petals
and then tries to eat them
So independent already!

We have had a few beautiful days recently and have taken great advantage of them. Today I took Leo to the Chinese Gardens and he had a blast. It was quite stressful for me, but Leo was in heaven. I let him walk all by himself and he did great. He has the natural curiosity that most toddlers have, which means that he stops every 5 seconds to try to eat magnolia petals, say hello to all the other patrons and run around like a maniac.

We also love taking Leo to the park. He adores watching the older children and tries to play along with them. Some kids find him adorable and enjoy his company, others think he just gets in the way. It always breaks my heart when they aren't receptive to him, but I do understand that he is barely one and can't always hang with the big kids, despite his efforts.

Photo taking is almost impossible now. He has no interest in the camera and as a busy boy on the go, he has better things to do than pose. I will have to take what I get and be thankful if I get any shots of him at all.

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