Monday, April 13, 2009

Leo's 1st Easter

Leo's 1st Easter was pretty low-key. Since he doesn't yet understand the concept, we didn't make him a basket or give him any candy. He did meet the Easter Bunny a few times at the local mall and was much more fond of him than that scary Santa Claus.

Karen and her husband Neal, (Jack's parents from play group), had a lovely brunch for a few of the parents and kiddos. Leo wasn't quite himself and had many grumpy moments. He crashed hard when we returned home and he finally had his nap, At night we went to my parents for Easter cookies. Leo got his first taste of chocolate chip cookies and even made yummy noises.


Joemo said...

Your baby is so cute Shelly!

Joe and Shelly Morris said...

Your baby is pretty cute too. I am glad somebody actually reads the blog!

Deanna said...

Poor Katie hasn't even had chocolate yet :-( Except for a taste of a smoothie I made a few weeks ago, I guess. Maybe, if she's lucky, she'll get chocolate cake for her birthday in a few weeks! I'm just catching up on your blog (starting from May and working my way backwards) You sure are good about getting him out and about! The pictures you're taking are wonderful, too! I know how hard it is to take pics of moving targets!!