Saturday, April 18, 2009

Better Now

Bedhead after afternoon nap
No, I did not style it this way!

At Zoo
It was too crowded to see any animals
and the look on Leo's face says it all

We had a very challenging week with Leo. Our poor little dude was ill with a stomach virus and had many diaper changes. We took him to the doctor on Thursday, and he actually had lost weight from his previous visit. This is bad news since he is already on the low end of the scale, but thankfully he is healthy again and eating.

This week I bought Leo some clothes off of Craig's List and they are adorable. He is wearing one of the shirts in these photos. The clothes had belonged to a little boy named Theo, so it only seems fitting that Leo would now take them as his own. Craig's List is a great way to shop since babies grow so quickly.

Leo has started using the sign for "all done." He uses this sign all the time and it can be so hilarious. For example, he will use it in the middle of a diaper changing or if he is sick of being in the stroller. Today, we went to the duck pond and Leo met a nice dog named Freckles. He enjoyed the dog, but apparently he didn't enjoy the owner talking so much. After a few minutes, he did the sign for "all done," because he wanted to move along. It is quite rude, but also endearing. At least he knows what he wants.

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