Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Leo!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Leo. We kept it a small family affair by design. The bottom photo represents all attendees minus my dad and Grandma Laurel (who was the photographer). Leo took the opportunity to show everybody how happy he was by being very high energy and full of personality...he was having the time of his life!

Leo's latest obsession is cars, so we decided to have a car themed party. Leo was wearing a cute-little outfit featuring the animated movie Cars, and we also watched the movie Cars and and had a cake decorated with the Cars theme. Many of his gifts were car-themed as well. Great Grandma Naomi gave Leo a ride-in car for Christmas (top photo) and we saved it for his birthday. He loves it and is now the perfect age for it! He also received many other awesome gifts including a fire engine ride-on car from Aunt Tiffy and Uncle Martin, Gymboree tuition from Grandma Laurel (and her visit was the best gift), a little-guy guitar, savings bond, clothing and $ from the Anzell-Morris clan, and a car seat, clothes, a ball etc. from my parents. I am sorry if I am forgetting anything...Leo is so lucky! Joe and I bought Leo some little Tonka cartoonish cars and a few books too.

Leo also had his 1 year doctor visit on Monday and he is doing great. He is on the small side (3% weight, 14% height, and 70% noggin), so Dr, Crowley put him on a high fat diet and wants him to eat 5-6 times day. I add heavy whipping cream and butter to anything I can, but feeding him this often has become my achilles' heel. What a pain! Now that he has more attitiude, he turns his face away and rejects every spoonful. He is dteremined to eat his way, which now includes ingesting large quantities of cheese and throwing fistfuls of perfectly good food to our eager cat. It is frustrating! Leo will be returning to the doctor in a month for his shots (ugggg!) and for a weight check. Please wish us luck. I am trying my best to fatten my busy bee up!

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Carrie said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Leo! Looks like you had a great weekend and tons of fun with new toys and your family in town! What a cutie patootie!!!