Saturday, March 28, 2009

First steps and more!

Grandma Laurel came out from Pittsburgh to help celebrate Leo's first birthday. Leo really got a kick out of her and they had a great time together. We spent most of our time enjoying meals at home/out and just hanging as a family, but we did manage to visit a pond that has many ducks. As you can see in the bottom photo, Leo really loves seeing "real" ducks.

Leo is also a home town celebrity and was featured on the local news in honor of his first birthday (hmmmmm...I wonder who had a hand in this?) Leo got such a kick out of seeing himself on television and squealed with delight.

Leo also decided that turning one wasn't the only thing he was going to do on the 27th...he also decided to take his first steps and now he is unstoppable! Although he hasn't mastered walking just yet, he is quickly gaining confidence and has taken up to 6 steps. Go Leo!

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