Monday, September 15, 2008

First Meals

Our little man is eating solid foods now...well, kind of. Leo "ate" his first meal of rice cereal on September 13th and more of it ended up on his bib than in his mouth. He ate the rice cereal 2 days in a row and today, I fed him sweet potatoes, which he seemed to prefer. It is all very cute, but I would not say that eating has been a complete success. In fact, I don't know if he has really ingested any of this food. As for the mess, until now, I never truly appreciated bibs.


Deanna said...

You'll know by the "quality" of his # 2's that he's successful! Say "goodbye" to the sweet smelling doos! Good job, Leo!!! :-)

Patty G said...

What an exciting time for you guys!

Yes, say goodbye to the somewhat tolerable poopies! Hannah's been eating solids for a couple of months now and her poops are just lovely! LOL. It gets better when they blow raspberries with food in their mouth.

Joe and Shelly Morris said...

Thanks veterans! Nobody told me how messy this was going to be! There has been no detectable difference in the smell yet, but we had a very good feeding today, so I'll keep you updated.