Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So we are in full summer mode. Today and tomorrow it will exceed 90 degrees, which makes life with baby a bit more challenging. I try my best to ensure that no part of his delicate skin gets sun exposure, especially since he inherited my fair skin.

Leo will be making his first airplane trip to visit relatives in Southern CA. Leo and I will be joining my mom to go to my cousin's wedding. It will be great for Leo to see his great grandma again and meet new relatives, but I am a bit worried. Leo and I are just getting the hang of things and I am apprehensive about throwing him into a whole new environment, routine etc. for 3 days. Plus, we will be without Joe, so that will be sad. By the time the trip rolls around, he will be almost 4 months and with the great strides he has recently been making, the trip may be a piece of cake. Please wish us luck!

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