Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why you always Lying?

The big news that happened is that Rosalie weened herself. It was right around Joe's birthday.I was only nursing her at bedtime. She tried for a second, looked up at me and shook her head "no." Well, that's it for breast feeding babies. I am officially done. Luckily, I am not as sad as I thought I might be.

Our little smarty pants also has started humming "Let it Go," at the mere mention of Anna and Elsa. She also hums the Night Night song when she is tired.

She has been very difficult the last few weeks. Between perpetual sickness and the impending teeth that will descend soon, she is clingy and more fussy than usual. She still only has 2 teeth and she is now 17 months old.

Somerset is so creative. She fashions handmade clothes for hers dolls. Tonight she constructed and outfit from paper and fitted her doll with it. Her art continues to impress us. She can accurately draw members of the family, cats, bears, dogs etc. She loves preschool, singing, art and You Tube.

Somerset continues to be a rock star in the pool. She can jump into the pool from the diving board and is getting more confident with her strokes.

She also started taking an acrobatics class that she enjoys. She is strong and flexible and learning bridges, cartwheels and handstands.

Leo has been caught lying a bit and we are trying the stop this behavior. He has been caught lying about showering, eating Halloween candy in his closet. he downloaded an application onto my IPad without asking. etc.

He also accidentally admitted to writing a nasty note in school that he didn't write. he note said B M F. I won't write the real words because they re too offensive. The problem is that Leo had altered some notes in school. He wrote that a girl was a "hippy." nd changed the words "best friend," to "worst friend." He was guilty, but not at the level he was accused of. His teacher had a conference with Joe and we both know that this handwriting was not Leo's, nor do we think he is capable of being so mean. The whole incident really did alarm and sadden me, but I think it was a great teaching moment in Leo's life.

Other than that, Leo seems to like his new school and is starting to understand some Spanish, I still think we made the right choice in having him switch schools, but it frustrates me to know that someone in his class is capable of doing this.

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