Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and Arco Iris!

Our Rosebud, RoRo, has gone through some major changes. She is now a fully proficient walker, she shakes her head yes and no,, she understands simple commands like, "please get me a book," or "bring Somerset her shoes."

She also battled a really nasty virus last week. Her temp was almost  and she went to the doctor 2 days. She was miserable. They had to collect urine to see if it was a UTI, but turns out it was probably just a bad virus.

Rosalie is constantly climbing chairs and tables. She especially likes the kitchen chairs and the computer desk chair. She is so dangerous and it scares Mommy!!!!

She also has a favorite book: I Like It When. It features to 2 penguins, a mommy and a baby. She knows all the pages and and can act our certain parts of the book, so we know she is understanding so much over the last month.

She still only has 2 bottom teeth, but it appears that she is teething like mad and will probably get a bunch of teeth all at once.

This week we discovered that Rosalie is in love with cutie oranges, She would eat them non-stop if we allowed. She will grunt for them and reach and point.

She is going through a difficult stage where she knows what she wants, but doesn't have the words, so instead, she grunts, cries and fusses until we figure it out. It is quite a change from our mellow girl, but she also learned how to really hug back this week, so that was a big plus!

Leo started a new school two weeks ago!!! We got a call on October 22nd letting us know that they had a space available for him. I was excited but sad. We had decided that McKay would be the school we devoted all of out energy into and all of the sudden we were confronted with a choice. Ultimately, we decided to have Leo go to Arco. It was sad to say goodbye to McKay, Leo's friends and his awesome teacher Ms. Douglass, but the opportunity for Leo and his sisters to learn Spanish, be a part of such a vibrant school community and high test scores were just too great of an opportunity to pass up.So far, it has been a great choice. We are settling into out new routine and Leo seems to love his new school.

Somerset continues to be extremely creative. Her problem solving is fantastic and her drawing and crafts are very detailed for her age. She is going through a gymnastics phase and I plan to have her try out a local class at Encore. She also continues to swim at Harman and is in a Level 3 far the youngest kid and so confident in the water. She continuously sings around the house, much to our dismay. I love our happy girl, but her constant falsetto can be a bit much. She loves choir and I see much singing and music in her future. I believe that she has quite the voice.

Halloween was wet!!! The brace big kids wouldn't let the ceaseless rain stop them from their pursuit of candy. The came home drenched and then proceeded to do hours worth of candy swapping. Poor Rosalie barely got her costume on. poor little thing as just a mess, so she stayed home with Daddy.

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