Monday, September 29, 2014

Giggling, Rolling and Reaching

There are so many milestones that Rosalie has achieved this week and I had to make a note of her amazing accomplishments!

So right at her 3 month mark, she started giggling, reaching for objects in her play mat and giggling. So many things for such a little girl.

Joe is the only one who has made her giggle, but he has done so three or so times now. She responds when her sings her songs and moves her legs in a way that makes her look as though sh is walking.

She also rolled last week! We thought it might be a fluke, but she has rolled half a dozen times now.

She also loves her play mat. She spends quite a bit of time reaching for her rings, baby owl and bird etc. She can also purposely kick objects. Last night she had us all in stitches when she was kicking Somerset!

Aside from all these accomplishments. Rosalie is such a sweet and east baby. We are still in disbelief that this is our baby! How did we get so lucky? She is chill and relaxed, but determined...what a great addition she has been to our family. She is the best baby we could have hoped for. We love her so much!!

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