Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Joe and I thought it was a happy coincidence that we were heading up to Sisters, Oregon, the day after we found our that our children would soon have a sister.

A friend of the family has a second home there, and he invited us to spend the weekend. The town was so cute and we had a great time. We strolled through the town, enjoyed local bakeries and coffee shops, headed to Bend for dinner, rented the movie Tangled, but who knew the highlight of the trip would be visiting the local fish hatchery? The kids loved it so much that we went twice! Feeding those young fish provided so much entertainment and they were genuinely giddy! Priceless!

I have been enjoying feeling our baby girl move and flutter in my belly. I am trying to savor this last pregnancy and I think we have a name too. We may just keep it hush as an element of surprise, and if we tell the kids, forget it! No secret is safe with them.

I am now 18 weeks pregnant. I am just showing a bit. Most people comment on how small I look, but it was like that with the other 2 kids as well. I am feeling better and able to eat all foods again. I had really been craving tomato soup in the beginning, and was disgusted by the thought of alcohol, which is tough since Joe is such an avid home brewer.

This pregnancy was probably not as bad as Somerset's, but worse than Leo's....I am glad the first trimester is over. Overall, I am feeling so thankful that or little girl will join our family in June. I think she is really lucky! I know we are lucky!

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