Thursday, January 23, 2014

Drum Roll Please!

And baby #3 is.......

A GIRL!!!!

We had a gender reveal party tonight for baby #3 and we are having a girl!!! I already have a wonderful son or daughter, so either a boy or girl would have been fine with me, but I am thrilled we are having a girl. Unfortunately, my son Leo, really wanted a brother, Poor little guy just couldn't hide his disappointment!

We had so much fun with this reveal party. We have always found out during the ultrasound appointments, but thanks to modern technology and my advanced maternal age, I had a genetic test done that reveals the baby's sex very early. I am almost 18 weeks pregnant, but apparently, this info was available to me when I took the test at 12 weeks. Regardless, it was worth the wait and we are so excited to welcome another daughter and sister to our family!

I picked up the results from the doctor yesterday and I had a cake made at Beaverton Bakery. I was so anxious all day waiting for the cake cutting. When Joe and I cut the cake and saw pink, it was such a joyous moment! Now we need to start thinking of some girl names. Yeah for baby girls!!! 

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