Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Days of Summer with Leo, Daddy and Summer!

Joe loves the backdrop of hops!

Beer bottle art provided by Leo.

A day at the zoo.

Cousin Jacob visits.

Leo loves his older cousin!

Leo is a leader in his class.

They really do love each other!

Silly goofballs!

Handsome hubby!

We soak up as much sunshine as we can because we know that it is going away soon!

Shaking those hips!

She really is a vision!
I got an i-pone. I guess this will become fairly obvious with the photos. I love having the phone doubling as a camera, complete with the very awesome Instagram filters! This comes in handy since I haven't been using Photoshop since our computer crashed and we had to replace it!

The big recent news is that Somerset is potty trained!!!!! It officially happened in the month of August, just shy of her third birthday. What a relief! She still wears a diaper at night, but I don't count that!

Leo also met his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ramey. She is young, pretty and oh so sweet. I am guessing she may be his first big crush. We are so happy that he will have such a nice teacher to start his school career.

Leo is now obsessed with Pokemon. He trades cards at the gym with the big kids. This kid is super motivated to get new cards, so we reward him with cards when he does chores. Works like a charm.

Leo is really starting to get the hang of reading. He is in the early stages of reading and I think a light will switch flip soon and he will be a full fledged reader. Once he puts his mind to something, he can always achieve it. Leo is amazing. Really, he is the smartest kid I have ever met and I expect great things for him in life. He is also super motivated to achieve goals. Mark my words...Leo will be an incredible adult! With his intelligence, drive, charisma and natural leadership skills, he will go great places.

Our little Summy girl is going through a stage. She is caught between little and big girl. She wants to be both. She often acts like a 13 year old girl. She is all drama and cries at the drop of a hat. She is going through a mommy-phase and only wants me, which hurts Joe's feelings.

That being said, she is so cooperative in group settings. When she is left in the care of others, she is always perfectly mannered and plays so nicely with others. I predict that she will be a very good student who is adored by all her teachers. She is sweet, spunky, verbal and smart. I just want to eat up her cuteness!

I love reading Summy books. She is really enjoying Fancy Nancy, and I think we have read every Pinkalicous, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony book in existence. Side note: Leo loves My little Pony  (the tv show). He really love Pinky Pie. I think this is future black mail material...he he!

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