Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Snow Day!
What a looker!
Preview of what Somerset, the girl will look like
A moment of sunshine means a trike ride must take place!
Still BFFs

We had a few days of snow last week and the kids were able to get outside for a few minutes before it all melted away. Of course, they both had a blast...Leo made snow angels and tried to catch snowflakes on his tongue. Now the rain is back and simply will not stop. Oh, how I dream of Spring.

Somerset has been taking a music class with me through Parks and Rec and she loves it. She feels very comfortable in class and is not timid. She has a ton of fun interacting with the teacher, other kids (although mostly just curious about them), and the parents. She is much more engaged in classes than Leo was at this age. He would always be the kid exploring all areas of the class that were off limits or else would have his own ideas for what he wanted to do. Somerset is content with going with the flow, which is easier to handle as a mom.

Somerset has been climbing chairs and standing on things. This is dangerous and scary for me!!! She also likes to help herself to Leo's food.

She is much more into "girly" things than Leo ever was. She enjoys watching me put on make-up and wants me to apply it to her (I pretend). She loves her dolls too, however, she loves choo-choos and cars as well, but anything with wheels is a choo-choo to her. She also shows an interest in what I dress her in and likes her shirt with the kitty on it. She has been loving her sunglasses and walks around the house wearing them with pride and a big smile on her face.

Leo continues to amaze us with his "hugantic" personality. He tells the funniest stories and loves jokes, although his jokes don't make sense and are only funny to himself (we love to hear them regardless). He also continues to excel with games.

His favorite tv show is Phineas and Ferb, which I know is for much older children, but it is funny and cute, so we allow him to watch it.

Leo has been the sweetest little love bug recently. He still naps and this is our time to cuddle together. He always tells me how much he loves me and how I am the best mommy in the world and that he will always protect me. I soak all of this up. I LOVE these times with Leo. Even though he can be a stinker, he is the sweetest, most loving person I know. He speaks from his heart and loves his family so much. I hope he is always so demonstrative of his feelings.

I have been feeling really blessed with my children and husband. How did I get so lucky? They are so healthy, smart, fun and amazing (cute too)! We have such a wonderful family and sometimes I just have to take a moment to appreciate this moment in time. Is it difficult? Heck yeah! Is there a lot of money? Nope. Are we sleep deprived? Of course. But this is the happiest I have ever been and I don't take any of it for granted.

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Carrie said...

Greatest blog post ever! It is so good to stop - in the middle of toys being thrown, or a toddler saying "no" - to realize how incredibly lucky we are. So happy for you Shelly - I love your family too. :-D