Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

Leo cuddles all his pals at bedtime!
I love watching these guys play together
Sitting Pretty

Joe's new glasses and super reflective shoes (oh, and Summy too).

The year has started out with lots of fun. I have really been enjoyed the time with the family now that crazy holiday hours have ceased. I have been spending a lot of nights watching movies with Leo and Joe. The kids and Joe also seem happier when I am around (at least I'd like to think so).

Poor Somerset has been teething like crazy. Our whole weekend was consumed with caring for a very grumpy baby girl. Sunday night, she woke up every 2 hours at night and her temperature reached 104.6 degrees. This made us realize that she probably was fighting something other than just the teething. Luckily, she seems completely back to normal.

Somerset now nods yes and no, and in a very exaggerated manner. It is soooo cute. This also makes us realize how much she now understands.

She also loves sitting in chairs. She is exerting her independence and wants to be more of a little girl (sniff, sniff).

Leo is playing fantastically with his sister. He can make her giggle like no one else and of course she idolizes him. He can tend to be a little rough with her, but it is just because he is a boy, plus, I appreciate that she will be able to hang with the big boys when she is older.....it's all this training she is getting now.

Leo is FANTASTIC at games. He plays a lot of games on Joe's i-Phone and tends to score higher than most adults. I don't play these games, so I have a difficult time seeing the value, but Joe explains that there is a lot of problem solving and logic to be learned. The fact that he is so advanced at such a young age is no surprise to me though.

He continues to be obsessed with numbers. Since he learned to count to 100 (and beyond) and can recite the ABCs, we are now working on addition. We let him determine in what he is interested in and then focus on teaching him that, so numbers it is! He is also a big fan of Phineas and Ferb, the Blazers (He loves to follow the scores of games) and the game Chutes and Ladders.

Joe still loves brewing beer and is getting quite good with his Amber and IPA. He also has commanded a pretty spectacular sneaker collection. He updated his look with new glasses and sunglasses. I will have to try to get some cool photos of him.

I continue to run. I am getting faster and stronger, so I am now challenging myself to run at 6.5 as opposed to 6 miles an hour. Kicking it up that much is actually quite an adjustment. Really though, my life is all about the family. That is my job and my hobby and although it can be exhausting at times, it is the best feeling in the world to have a family hug.

We are all excited for the new year and all the wonderful things to come in 2012!!!

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