Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So much to be Thankful for!

Busted! Joe left Summy alone for a minute and look what she got into!
Thanksgiving was a pretty low-key event. It felt good to relax with the family. Uncle Aaron came to visit us for a few days from college, so we were all thrilled to see him, especially Leo. At night, we went to my parents house for turkey dinner and Somerset decided to debut her first steps there. Perfect timing! I guess she was just waiting for the perfect audience. Since then, she is slowly building her confidence and I have witnessed her take as many as 8 steps in a row.

Leo has been very interested in numbers and counting and he is trying to learn to count to 100. He is very close to doing it without assistance, so I bet that by the end of the week, he will reach his goal. Go Leo!!!

We decided to finally sleep train Somerset. The first night was difficult with her waking almost every hour, but luckily for me, Joe dealt with all her wake-ups. The next night she did great, no wake-ups, just an early morning wake-up (5:45 a.m.). Last night, she only woke up once and went back to sleep easily. I am so relieved that we have decided to start getting more sleep.

Tonight we visited Santa at our mall, and the kids looked so cute. I really wanted that perfect Christmas photo, but Somerset freaked out when we put her on Santa's lap. We may try again soon, but this time Joe and I will jump in the photo to help our precious girl out.

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