Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summe rtime fun!

We've had some fun times now that summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Leo has been taking swim class twice a week and has been having such an amazing times that I signed him up for another round of classes. He is at the very beginning level, but the best part about class is that he takes it without parent participation, so Somerset and I watch along the side and he feels like a big boy because I am not with him. He is so fiercely independent and always prefers to do things alone when given the chance.

Leo also loves flying balsa wood planes with Joe. They go to the park and fly them down the hill. Leo has always had an uncontrollable urge to throw things, so at least this is a good outlet for that.

Somerset has picked up a few new words. She now says ball and E-lah (Elmo). She has finally fallen in love with the furry, red guy.

She still scoots around on her bottom to get around, but boy is she fast. She leans forward and puts her hands in front of her, so she is so close to crawling if she chooses too.

Leo and Somerset are partners in crime. The both act crazy together. Today we took them to a grocery store that had side-by-side kid seats in the cart. They were both making each other crack up and were acting CRAZY!!! It was cute, but they are getting wild together.

Joe and I went on a real date alone to our friends' Brian and Nancy's wedding. It was a gorgeous Oregon day on a beautiful vineyard. We had an amazing time and were child-free thanks to Grandma.

I was nominated as my work's employee of the month. It was a good feeling and although I tend to be shy about being the center of attention, I was grateful for the recognition.

Joe's hop plants are going crazy. It will be a great harvest for him and I am sure that he will have so much fun brewing beer from his very own hops. Go Joe!!!

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