Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Bs have it!

A forced smile, but so handsome!

Expert Jumper!!! Leo jumps all the time.
Somerset is obsessed with balloons!

11 month portrait with Joy the Owl
Serious messes come from this girl
My boy has a major sweet tooth
Downing a smoothie.
Somerset is a good little eater!

This week has been all about bs. Somerset has had a language explosion and now says ball, balloon, bottle and bubbles. It's crazy how many words she picked up in such a short time. She also is getting really good at mimicking. When I put her on the baby swing at the park, she squeals "weeeee," and she tries to say "I love you," which sounds like Al-lah-lah." It is very heart warming and is so gratifying as a parent.

She has taken a real liking to Angelina Ballerina and Elmo. She is also starting to show a real preference for certain toys. When we take her to the toy department, she squeals at all the girly things. She loves the dolls and anything shiny. She is as much a girl as Leo is a boy.

She still has yet to crawl, but scoots like a real pro. I think I have accepted that this is her chosen mode of transportation and that's just how it's going to be.

Leo is loving swim class! He isn't a very good listener to the swim teacher, but he has such a blast. We will continue to work on the listening skills. The teacher loves him anyway because he has so much spunk and energy . The teacher said that he is a nice kid with a lot of energy.

Leo also got a new tricycle. We have never bought him one, so this is all new to him. Joe takes Leo out and they practice steering and moving the pedals. He loves it!

Leo is my sweet boy. He is filled with so much love. At nap time and bed time, he always says things like, "I love you a million, trillion zillion! I love you soooooo much!" It makes me feel so good about being a mommy.

The kids are really starting to interact. They play together and they can disturb each other too. It usually revolves around Somerset knocking down or breaking a Leo Lego creation or Leo taking away a toy that Somerset is playing with. For the most part though, they get along fabulously. In fact, right now they are playing a game called Smash the Blast. Leo made this up and it involves blocks and balls crashing into each other....typical Leo!!!

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