Sunday, July 18, 2010

29 Weeks

Holy moly! I am really feeling pregnant now! I have started to feel more uncomfortable and even had some lower back pain, which I never remember having when I was pregnant with Leo. This little girl loves to do yoga moves in my belly and it can really hurt. She seems to have down some complete rotations this week and I audibly yelled, "ouch," on more than one occasion. This is also something I don't recall with Leo.

Joe, Leo and I are actively pursuing buying a house. It looks like we have been pre-approved for a loan and now we are getting close to making an offer. We found a house we really like in a well established neighborhood with a good elementary school within walking distance. It is owned by an older lady who never made any renovations, but the house is clean and well maintained, so we figure that if we get the house, we can make changes slowly over time. It is exciting, but it has been really stressful, so I hope that we make the right choice. Wish us luck!!!

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Zephyr Dreams said...

Your house sounds similar to Martins' and mine. Ours was also owned by an old lady who hadn't made any rennovations, but kept it structurally sound and clean. Congratulations on the home loan approval! That's big news!