Sunday, December 30, 2007

White Christmas

Christmas was super fun this year! We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house along with Tiff and Martin and exchanged gifts with them. On Christmas Day, Joe and I hung out together all day and relaxed! It was wonderful. Joe was eager as always to dive into gift opening and we both really did a great job of selecting presents for each other. Among my special treats were books about caring for Leo, the Project Runway Season 3 DVD box set (I am already done watching all the episodes!), and a day at a spa that specializes in prenatal care. I can't wait! Joe received many gifts that will aid in his quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He even decided to take a Christmas morning jog in his new Under Armour sweatshirt, gloves and hat, compliments of his Dad and Paula. We were even blessed with a white Christmas, which Portland hasn't seen in 17 years. We are both very fortunate to have such generous families, but our prized gift this year is Leo.

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