Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grandma Mary's Memorial

When looking back at the 2 services, my Grandad's funeral was a much sadder event. I believe this is due to the fact that he has a living spouse, my Grandma. I did not feel that photos were appropriate for his service. However, my Grandma Mary's Memorial Services was a celebration of her life and a family reunion of sorts. Attendees came as far as Nova Scotia, Canada, where her 7 children were born. It was quite an event and I was able to reunite with family members I had not seen in many years.

From top left, counter clockwise: Shelly's cousin Jennifer and her husband Dan; Shelly's youngest cousins Kiera (very shy) and Asyja; my Dad's Aunt Marge and Uncle Mac with my Mom; my cousin Lisa and her 2 sons Austin and Alex; my dad, his cousin Dave and his brother Jim.

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