Friday, April 22, 2016

Leo Earns his First Degree Black Belt

Graduation Day!

First Karate Graduation

Leo made us very proud yesterday, April 21, 2016. This is a day we have been waiting for for many years. Leo earning his black belt is a goal he has been working towards for over 4 years, and the test day finally arrived yesterday. I as a nervous wreck all week, but my Leo put my nerves to rest with a confident performance.

We had always set the high goal of reaching black belt for Leo. Giving up was not an option, but Leo's positive attitude aure did help. We wanted Leo to learn that it is possible to reach a long term goal, with dedication and hard work. Our family motto of "Morris's never give up" played an important role in this grand achievement.

We enrolled Leo at Karate for kids when he was a mere 3 years old. At the time, we already knew Leo was highly intelligent, but his preschool teacher informed us that it was difficult for Leo to stick with the group and follow the structure of the class. We felt that Tae Kwon Do might help Leo with focus and his ability to follow directions.

At first Leo didn't take class all that seriously. He giggled and goofed off and had many time outs, but he stuck with it and enjoyed his time on the mats. He learned to follow the directions of Mr. and Mrs, Simpson and moved up belt after belt.

Over the years, I have seen Leo progress beyond what I could imagine possible. He has become disciplined, coordinated and has exercised his leadership abilities. He is strong in mind and body and he did what he set out to do! He earned his first degree Black Belt! He will be the youngest and smallest kid in black belt class and I know he will impress his new classmates. As Mr, Simpson announced, "Leo is a pioneer in our school." Joe and I could not be prouder parents and I foresee this as the beginning of a lifetime of trail blazing accomplishments for our exceptional son. We are proud parents....the kind of proud that words can't adequately express.

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