Monday, March 14, 2016

- Became an Ambassador at school
- Loves Peanut Butter
- Loves the musical Hamilton
- Competed in 1st Science Fair
- Loves History
- Playing on Basketball team at Villa

- Loves animals and would like a dog
- Has been a rock-star at Kindergarten preview nights
- In Gymnastic and is great at cartwheels
- Makes doll dresses out of painters tape etc.
-  Dressing more "Tom-boyish."
- Really wants ears pierced, but will wait until birthday

- Says Thank You, No Way, Yeah,
- Loves Frozen and sings "Let it Go."
- Has Frozen decals above bed
- Calls herself Ro Ro
- Loves "Brush Teeth."
- becoming more playful, likes hide and seek, pretend reading
- more introverted than siblings, more apprehensive about things she's unsure of
- Taking Gymboree classes
- Has had 2 bob haircuts
- Loves drawing!


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