Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh how we have loved this Summer

 Maybe I was making up for the fact that I had a baby last summer and couldn't get the kids out as much as I would have wanted, but this summer has been one for the books. We have kept so busy with Villa Sport, swim lessons, Mathnasium, summer camps etc. It has been amazingly fun, at times challenging for me, but so worth it!

I owe so much of our fun to Villa Sport. I have cherished every minute there. The childcare staff is amazing, the classes are kicking my butt and the pool has been so fun! I want to stay so badly, but it is not an inexpensive endeavor.

Our Rosalie is changing so much. She laughs and smiles frequently, she also shows when she is unhappy by whining. She got a tooth this week too!! Bottom left front tooth, welcome, we never thought you would come. She also took one step today. She has been standing for a long time, so sh is ready! I am ready for her to get off the floor too, her pants are all so dirty from crawling.

Somerset is an amazing artist. Her drawings have so much detail and I love the style of her art. She is excited to start school, but will miss all the friends she has made at Villa. She is very popular. She will start preschool next week and will continue taking swim lessons.

Leo continues to love Mathnasium and is at the 4th grade level. He is also back into Pokemon. His obsession is deep again and his room is littered with cards....ugh! Leo has also started learning to ride a skateboard.

We also had an amazing visit with Jacob. The kids are in love with him, He spent the day at the Children's Museum with us, went to Villa, spent the night and hung out at the house. He is always a great guest and we love him so much!

I am ready for school, but will really miss the summer. I have loved the heat, the pool and the casual clothes.

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