Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Leo Turns 7!

Our first born had a fun time bowling with 4 friends: Lucas, Sean, Ace and Forest. Somerset was in on the action too and was as cute as can be. The boys had a glorious time and were a it rambunctious, but I suppose that is what happens when you get 5 boys together.

On his actual birthday. Joe took the day off from work and we went for donuts in the morning. Leo and I went to Brick and Mini-igs (a Lego shop) and then we went to the mall to buy baseball gear, followed by Costco to pick up his gigantic chocolate basketball cake. Dinner was spent at KFC, followed by cake and gifts. Leo had a wonderful 7th birthday.

Rosalie fell off of Somerset's bed for the first time this morning. The kids all cried and were so worried about her, as was I. She was fine, but what a scare. We all love her so much! She is also nearly crawling and she now eats small finger foods. She still has an amazing appetite. She has started making Muppet like noises and is affectionately called "Rolls-Silly).

Somerset is now in Choir at St. Matt's and tap dance class. She loves both and has such a good time with Maya and Ellie. Keeping her busy, is such a huge challenge. She really loves watching shows on the I Pad in her room. I try to prevent this by providing her with lots of play dates. She also loves to sing in an operatic voice which drives Joe CRAZY!

Life is crazy with the kids, but we are managing to keep it together....barely. :-)

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