Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Girls!

My sweet, funny, smart, beautiful Somerset Rose turned 3! She is no longer a baby. She is fully potty trained, she has friends,  and she talks like a big girl! Somerset had a wonderful day, and we succeeded in making her feel very special. Her birthday was spent with family. Grandma Laurel came out from Pittsburgh and Uncle Aaron came up from college. She was surrounded by loved ones!

The day started off with a trip to Summer Lake Park, where my little Summer played at the play ground and collected acorns.

After lunch, Grandma Laurel and I took her to the Children's Museum, where she was able to do whatever she wanted, including eating a cookie as big as her head!

For dinner, the whole family went to Papa's Pizza, where she played on rides and ate pizza, followed my ice cream cake at the house with family and neighbors! One of the cutest moments was when she tried to blow out her birthday candles with her new toy hair dryer!

For her birthday, she got a million and one My Little Ponies and all the pony paraphernalia a girl could ever desire! A month later, and these ponies are still played with daily!

The other HUGE news is that Tiffany and Martin welcomed baby Aria Reine to the world....3 weeks early! She spent the first 2 weeks in the NICU, but she is home now and doing great! The kids are in LOVE with her! Aria happened to be born when my mom, the kids and I were in Vegas to visit my grandma and uncle. We had a great trip, but were sad to have missed Aria's birth.

In addition to these 2 huge events, Leo is being tested for TAG (talented and gifted program). Leo is BRILLIANT! He is reading and doing square roots etc. I am so proud to be his Mommy! We are also trying to teach him that it isn't just how smart you are, but it is equally important what you do with your intelligence. Hard work and integrity are just as important!

I have been super busy getting ready for my bazaars. It is satisfying to have my own business, but I must learn to be patient during the infancy of my business. I am going to try to get some wholesale accounts next year to make this a much bigger business.

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