Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Leo and his Great Grandma Panos
Leo at the car show
Playing in the backyard

Watching a movie with DadaWith Aubrey in the pool

We had so much fun this weekend. We are in the middle of a very good patch of weather and have been letting Leo play in the backyard a lot and cruise around in just his cute!!!

My Grandma and Uncle came up for a visit and we were able to spend some good time with them. They really enjoyed seeing Leo and how much he has changed since our last visit. Leo was 4 months the last time they saw him and he was a complete disaster. Everything made him cry and he was just not a happy camper, which was quite a change from the friendly, walking, talking little boy they got to meet this weekend.

We also had the chance to visit our friends the Marsh's. Their little girl Aubrey had a kiddie pool that Leo just stepped into. We weren't prepared for this (no swim trunks, no swim diaper or change of clothes), but it was a hot day, so I let him dive right in. On a side note, Angie is having a baby girl this month, so we are so excited for them.

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