Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 Weeks Old

Today Leo is 11 weeks old, but all of the pictures posted are from his 10th week of life and what a week that was. I am happy to announce that at 10 weeks old, Leo hit the 10 pound mark! It's hard to believe some babies are born even bigger than he is now. He is slowly jumping up the growth ladder, so we couldn't be happier.

Leo also had his follow-up doctor visit on Tuesday to determine if the reflux is being helped by the probiotics/Axid. He has been soooo much better since we started treatment and Joe and I often ask, "Where's our baby?" It's miraculous. He is so improved and we are still in disbelief. Leo still has his fussy moments, but he is a baby after all. (Knock on wood).

Joe's dad and step mom Paula are visiting from Colorado this week and have fallen in love with their Grandson. We had a very pleasant day with them visiting local vineyards, and Leo was a champ. Joe Sr. and Paula have taken such good care of us by cooking almost nightly and allowing for us to take has been wonderful.

For now, I couldn't be more pleased. I am still not getting much sleep, but with time, I am sure that will pass as well.

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SGcvn69 said...

That was really sweet of Joe's dad and stepmom to cook for you guys so you could get a nap or two in!